The research group on Pseudo/Sciences of the Long Nineteenth Century has developed out of a reading group, a venture initiated by Newcastle University’s School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics in collaboration with the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne. The research group is open to scholars, students and researchers as well as members of the public with an interest in nineteenth-century sciences and pseudosciences. Meetings are held at the Lit and Phil Library, and comprise a mix of readings and research papers, combining primary and critical material, led by a regular member of the group or by an invited guest. Topics of meetings between 2013 and 2015 have ranged from ‘Johann Zollner, Henry Slade and the Fourth Dimension’ to ‘The Science and Art of Atmosphere’. We invite suggestions for the presentation of research papers and for readings of nineteenth-century texts on a broad range of topics that might include, but are not restricted to:
The ‘Amateur’ and ‘Professional’ Scientist
Disciplinary Boundaries
Mesmerism and Healing
Phrenology and Neurology
Spiritualism as Religion and Entertainment
The Society for Psychical Research
Pseudo/Science and/in Literature
Women and Power in the Pseudo/Sciences
Science and the Supernatural
Pseudo/Science and the Birth of Psychoanalysis
The Pseudo/Scientific Scene: Theatre, Spectacle and Performance
Hidden Fluids, Forces and Systems



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